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Sniff Mommys Stocking Feet – SophiaSmithUK

User Bewertung (9.99 / 10.00)

We all know that your performance is not good enough. Frankly, it s inferior. If you were another employee you d have been made redundant, let go, sacked. So you re very lucky to still be here. The fact of the matter is that I ve been put in charge of sales driven targets and you aren t coming close, are you? I wonder why that is. Is there anything you d like to share? Anything you d like to tell me? Because I ve got a sneaking suspicion that I know what the problem is. You re easily distracted, aren t you? When you have to work in close proximity with step-mommy? Is there something that I do that distracts you? Because I m very willing to help you to get your best performance. Shall I just tell you the things that I see? You re too shy to tell me that you find step-mommy s nylon stocking tops a distraction. What is it that you want from me? Do you want to sniff step-mommy s stocking clad feet? I m right, aren t I? Not only that, but you want to spunk on them, don t yo # SophiaSmithUK

Videolänge: 9.00


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